Whether its for cross-training, weightlifting, power lifting, or just for your own satisfaction, training for strength has all kinds of advantages like:

  1. Increased metabolism - Being strong will take muscle. Muscles burn calories like an a Hummer burns gas.

  2. Better body composition - If you want a lean, toned athletic build, it helps to have strong muscles. Strength training helps improve lean muscle mass.

  3. Increased bone density -

  4. Improved athleticism - there’s a reason every college and pro sports team has an strength coach these days.

  5. Decreased risk of cancer, diabetes, and improvements for mental health

Really there’s no reason not to try and get really friggin strong. So what are you waiting for?

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Acta Non Verba

Acta non verba is latin for ‘Actions not words’. We feel that sums up the process of getting stronger pretty well. You can talk about it, and plan for it but at the end of the day you just have to do it.

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Individual Programming

Are you preparing for an upcoming lifting meet? Are you looking to increase your overall efficiency in Olympic Lifting movements? Our individualized programming gives you regular consults with your certified USAW coach, without the hassle or expense of needing to meet them on a set schedule every week. It’s flexible and allows you to get one on one attention directly through our app.

Have questions about Decisions Barbell? Send us a message and one of our certified coaches will contact you!

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